Recent rapid speciation and ecomorph divergence in Indo-Australian sea snakes

  • Kate L. Sanders (Creator)
  • Arne R. Rasmussen (Creator)
  • Mumpuni (Creator)
  • Johan Elmberg (Creator)
  • Anslem de Silva (Creator)
  • Michael L. Guinea (Creator)
  • Michael S.Y. Lee (Creator)



IM_coggeri_vs_melano IM input for coggeri versus melanocephalus comparison IM_cyano_vs_melano IM input for cyanocinctus versus melanocephalus comparison morphology&diet_data.xls Excel spreadsheet of morphometric data (snout to vent length, relative girth at 0.75 snout to vent length versus neck); and new (previously unpublished) diet records STRUCTURE_inputfile Structure input file generated using MSA4.0
Date made available2013-Feb-13
Geographical coverageSoutheast Asia, Australia

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