SmartVA - Smart real time monitoring of sewage water system with data analysis

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Kristianstad wants to ensure that polluted water does not pass our treatment plants untreated and end up in our watercourses, lakes and seas. With the help of sensors and smart digital technology, we take control of flows in the sewage systems to prevent a negative environmental impact and potential flooding of basements in the event of sudden downpours. A direct feedback to our municipal residents via this system provides great value for health, environment and economy and contributes to strengthened confidence in our citizens.
Kristianstad is located below sea level and has high groundwater, which easily causes floods in both property owners and communities with major damage to buildings both physically and financially. The problems also lead to disposal of waste water in environmentally sensitive areas, public bathing areas or canals close to the city. These problems are not unique to Kristianstad but occur throughout Sweden.
Kristianstad municipality will place 550 sensors around the entire municipality in selected locations to build a network that can report what is happening in our water supply and sewerage network. All this data will be processed in our data portal and will then be made visible to our citizens and form the basis for the municipality in action plans to reduce floods and reduce the volume of added water in the drainage system.

We will develop and implement an AI algorithm that processes data from all the sensors. The algorithm will be able to detect water leakage and other anomalies, make predictions for future trends on the sensor readings, and trigger alarms when there are storms and other environmental hazards.
Short titleSmartVA
Effective start/end date21-01-1523-01-14

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Information Systems (10202)
  • Environmental Analysis and Construction Information Technology (20108)


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