The wandering machine

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Such a “Wandering machine” could be an immensely interesting tool for promoting creativity and exploration of the subconscious. By creating a constantly changing shadow world for the viewer to lose themselves in, the machine would utilize the principles of pareidolia and mind-wandering in a way that is both deliberate and directed. It would provide a physical manifestation of the processes that already occur within us when we daydream or let our gaze rest on seemingly random patterns or shadows. This continuous stream of changing shadow images can stimulate the brain’s tendency to seek patterns and meaning, encouraging a form of meditative mind wandering where the conscious and subconscious mind can interact in new ways. By allowing thoughts to wander freely, without the usual constraints of focused attention, individuals can discover new connections, ideas, and insights that might otherwise remain untapped or hidden. What’s interesting about using shadows as a medium is their inherent ambiguity and flexibility. Shadows are both concrete and abstract, making them perfect tools for exploring the boundaries between the known and the unknown. Such a machine could be used in a variety of fields, from psychotherapy and meditation to artistic creation and educational innovation, as a way to stimulate creative thinking and emotional exploration.

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