Databaser som verktyg för kvalitet i utbildningsvetenskaplig forskning

Britten Ekstrand

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    Information and knowledge about science communication through educational journals and search engines are needed to reach higher quality in educational science. In this study two different databases, one representing open access and one not, indexing peer reviewed articles are scrutinized according to publishers, volumes, frequency of numbers per year, access and language? The result contributes to the information literacy field and science reflexivity. In a prolonged sense it is a contribution to quality in science. Questions are raised about educational journals as arenas for research communications, construction of the educational field, dominating discourses, responsibility of the intellectuals, power and democracy.

    Original languageSwedish
    Pages (from-to)50-63
    Number of pages13
    Issue number2-3
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Pedagogy (50301)
    • Social Sciences (5)


    • Bibliometry
    • databases
    • educational journals
    • educational science
    • information literacy.
    • quality

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