This study intends to investigate how two different didactic models can be developed to support teachers for teaching science in school-age educare (SAEC). There is a lack of subject-specific didactic research focusing on SAEC (Boström et. al, 2022; Perselli, 2023). There are almost no research studies on science teaching in SAEC in the Nordic context. However, there are some reports that indicate that questions that the students in SAEC have about scientific phenomena often go unanswered and that it is common for teaching in SAEC to have other focuses than science (Memisevic, 2019; Skolinspektionen, 2018). The study is part of a doctoral project exploring the didactic questions – why, what, and how – in relation to science teaching in school-age educare through didactic modelling (Wickman et. al, 2018). Two didactic models have been extracted from the two first sub-studies. In the first sub-study, teachers' perceptions of science in SAEC have been investigated and in the second sub-study previous research on science in SAEC similar activities internationally has been reviewed. In this third sub-study, these models have been presented in workshops with two teams of teachers in SAEC. The first model aims at supporting teaching in SAEC focusing on meeting and developing students’ interest and curiosity related to science. The second model focuses on teaching socio-scientific issues (Ratcliffe & Grace, 2003) in SAEC, aiming to contribute to students' agency. The teams of teachers are engaged in mangling the models through planning and testing teaching based on the models. The empirical material consists of audio recordings of selected parts of a series of teacher-researcher workshops, focus group interviews with teachers and students, and field notes and audio recordings of teaching. The study takes part during an academic year. The project is expected to produce didactic models mangled by two teacher groups that can support teachers in their professional reflection and decision-making. The project is highly relevant in the Nordic context due to the lack of Nordic research on science teaching in SAEC, and more generally on subject-specific didactic research focusing SAEC.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2024-Mar-06
EventNERA 2024: Adventures of Education: Desires, Encounters and Differences - Malmö Universitet, Malmö, Sweden
Duration: 2024-Mar-062024-Mar-08


ConferenceNERA 2024
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