Heritage Cereals: Product Development

Sidonie Bridonneau, Romane Chauveteau

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Local or regional crop production is increasingly attractive to consumers due to a growing interest in environmental friendliness and sustainability. Heritage cereals are an example of this as they are suitable for organic farming. Moreover, they can also contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, which is what consumers are aiming for these days. For a more regular consumption of heritage cereals, it would be interesting to build on popular food products such as bread, pasta and biscuits. The aim of this study is to develop innovative recipes based on heritage cereals. To appeal to consumers, it was decided to focus on pasta and biscuits (shortbread and cookies). Following a design with three different cereals (Vete Helkorn, Ölands Vete and Kallunda Varvete Evolutionar), 12 biscuit samples and 10 pasta samples were selectedfor each type of cereal. For the biscuits, the modified ingredients were butter, flour, sugar and particle size, while for the pasta the modified ingredients were salt, olive oil and also particle size. Sensory and instrumental analyses were carried out on the samples. It can be concluded that the different types of cereals have an impact on sensory aspects as well as on extension. The use of the cereal Kallunda Varvete Evolutionar decreases the intensity of the colour and the number of visible particles in the pasta. Furthermore, for both biscuits and pasta, the ingredients influence many sensory attributes. For pasta, it is mostly the coarse particles that have an impact, while for biscuits, it is mostly the type of flour. Increasing the particle size of the flour increases the hardness and grittiness of the pasta. For biscuits, flour affects colour, thickness and many other attributes. For example, reducing the amount of flour gives a more yellowcolour, causes a lower density and thickness and reduces the number of visible particles. However, only pasta is concerned by a significant impact of ingredients on texture.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKristianstad
ISBN (Electronic)978-91-87973-62-8
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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NameKristianstad University Press

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Food Science (40103)


  • cookies
  • design
  • heritage cereals
  • innovation
  • pasta
  • product development
  • sensory analysis
  • shortbread
  • texture


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