Idrottens CSR: om att uppnå trovärdighet genom transparens och en snurra

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During the last decade FIFA and UEFA have increasingly stressed the importance of CSR and to work according to Good Governance-principles. Although with great opportunities for improvement, the Danish FA has come out on top in Scandinavian comparisons of the different FAs’ CSR engagement according to Good Governance praxis. However, there is little known about the CSR-activities amongst the Danish PL-clubs. With a point of departure in the FA’s CSR agenda and work, this study examines to what extent the DPL-clubs work with CSR and to what extent this is communicated according to principles of Good Governance with transparency as a motto. The findings show low CSR-activities and, or alternatively low transparency. Based on the result, the study proposes a CSR model and tool to simplify a transparent and effective CSR-accounting with moderate efforts.

Original languageSwedish
JournalForum for Idott
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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