Integration of information literacy into the curriculum: Constructive alignment from theory into practice

Claes Dahlqvist, Stina Larsson

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    Librarian-teacher cooperation is essential for the integration of information literacy into course syllabi. Therefore a common theoretical and methodological platform is needed. As librarians at Kristianstad University we have had the opportunity to develop such a platform when teaching information literacy in a basic course for teachers in higher education pedagogy. Information literacy is taught in context with academic writing, distance learning and teaching, and development of course syllabi.

    Constructive alignment in theory

    We used constructive alignment in designing our part of the course. Biggs´ ideas tell us that assessment tasks (ATs) should be aligned to what is intended to be learned. Intended learning outcomes (ILOs) specify teaching/learning activities (TLAs) based on the content of learning. TLAs should be designed in ways that enable students to construct knowledge from their own experience. The ILOs for the course are to have arguments for the role of information literacy in higher education and ideas of implementing it in TLAs. The content of learning is for example the concept of information literacy, theoretical perspectives and constructive alignment for integration in course syllabi. TLAs are written pre-lecture reflections on the concept of information literacy, used as a starting point for the 3 h lecture. Learning reflections are written afterwards. The AT is to revise a syllabus (preferably using constructive alignment) for a course the teacher is responsible for, where information literacy must be integrated with the other parts and topics of the course.

    Constructive alignment in practice

    Using constructive alignment has taught us that this model serves well as the foundation of the theoretical and methodological platform for librarian-teacher cooperation when integrating information literacy in course syllabi. It contains all important aspects of the integration of information literacy in course syllabi and reflects the constructivist and sociocultural theories.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2016
    EventReykjavik, 2-3 June, 2016 -
    Duration: 2016-Jun-022021-Jun-03


    ConferenceReykjavik, 2-3 June, 2016

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    • constructive alignment
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    • information literacy
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