Nurses’ work-related stress during the Covid-19 pandemic

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers and primarily the nurses, were on the frontline. Many nurses have had to face exposure and face higher risks to their own health. It is known that stress is a factor that can contribute to mental health issues and an increased turnover intention.


This presentation will report results from a project that examines the nurses' work situation before, during and after the restrictions have been lifted for the Corona pandemic.


In a cohort of 9219 nurses (including specialist nurses), with baseline survey 2017 and a follow-up during the second wave of Covid-19 autumn/winter 2020, the association between their work-related mental health diagnoses (depression, anxiety disorders, exhaustion syndrome, stress reactions) and factors in their work situation was investigated by logistic regression analysis.


The result stated that lack of joy in the daily work, an increased workload and lack of support from co-workers increased the association to work-related mental-health diagnoses. There was a potential causality between nurses not being able to cope with physical work demands, accumulating work tasks as well as a lack of recuperation between work shifts, and nurses’ work-related mental health diagnoses three years later.


Support from co-workers has been found to allow nurses to care effectively and holistically for patients, increase job satisfaction, increase the quality of care, and help nurses deal with stressful work situations. Having a decent work situation and getting enough rest in between work shifts is vital for the nurses’ ability to cope with the work demands.


Future research regarding the long-term impact from Covid-19 on all areas of nurses’ professional and personal lives is needed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2022
EventThe 18th Stress Research Conference - Mærsk Tower at Panum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 2022-Nov-012022-Nov-01


ConferenceThe 18th Stress Research Conference

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