Pedagogical praxis: an example from the training school

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This paper will present some findings from my ongoing work with my doctoral thesis. The study deals with questions about learning and socialization in special schools for pupils with moderate to profound and multiple learning disabilities (training school/träningsskola). The general aim in this paper is to deepen the knowledge about the teacher’s work in the training school during a period of change and contradictions to identify structures and themes in the teacher’s pedagogical praxis. With a reference to what is described as a dilemma perspective (Tetler, 2000; Clark, Dyson & Millward, 1998) a point of departure for the study is that teacher’s in the practical training school has to deal with the tension between care and pedagogy. To get a representation of the teacher’s work in this context this paper will study the interaction between pupils and teachers and describe the patterns, forms and content in their vocal- and non-vocal interaction in the classroom. A point of departure is that learning occurs in a social context and in collaboration with others, and the theoretical framework in the research is inspired by an interactionistic perspective. My specific research questions are: • What kind of patterns appears in the interaction between pupils and teachers in the classroom? • What kind of learning- and socialization processes appears in the verbal- and non-verbal interaction between pupils and teachers? The design of the project is inspired by an ethnographic approach and is constructed as a classroom study. The empirical material is collected by participatory observations, by video recordings and by interviews with the teachers and assistants. The video recordings are analyzed using techniques derived from what Scheff calls a part/whole analysis and from Goffman´s dramaturgic perspective. The process of analyzing one of the classroom studies is in progress and the findings so far will be presented in the paper. In this paper some findings from data-collection in a F-6 class in the training school with four pupils, one special teacher and three assistants will be presented.

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Publication statusPublished - 2009
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  • classroom study
  • pupils with severe to moderate ld
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