Salutogenic resources in relation to teachers' work-life balance

Marie Nilsson, Kerstin Blomqvist, Ingemar Andersson

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BACKGROUND: Experiencing work-life balance is considered a health promoting resource. To counter-balance the negative development of teachers' work situation, salutogenic resources need to be examined among teachers.

OBJECTIVE: To examine resources related to teachers' experience of their work-life balance.

METHODS: Using a cross-sectional design, a questionnaire was distributed to 455 teachers in compulsory schools in a Swedish community. A total of 338 teachers participated (74%). A multiple linear regression method was used for the analysis.

RESULTS: Four variables in the regression model significantly explained work-life balance and were thereby possible resources: time experience at work; satisfaction with everyday life; self-rated health; and recovery. The strongest association with work-life balance was time experience at work. Except time experience at work, all were individual-related.

CONCLUSIONS: This study highlights the importance of school management's support in reducing teachers' time pressure. It also emphasizes the need to address teachers' individual resources in relation to work-life balance. In order to support teachers' work-life balance, promote their well-being, and preventing teachers' attrition, we suggest that the school management would benefit from creating a work environment with strengthened resources.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)591-602
Number of pages11
JournalWorkA journal of Prevention, Assessment and rehabilitation
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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  • Recovery
  • survey
  • teachers’ work environment
  • workplace health promotion


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