Student Preschool Teachers’ Experiences of Science and Science teaching during their Teacher Education

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This study aims to develop knowledge about student preschool teachers’ knowledge development of science and science teaching during their preschool teacher education.
The data material consists of a web-based questionnaire with multiple-choice and open-ended questions. 183 students have taken part in a cross-sectional study of students in semesters one, five and seven of a preschool teacher education programme.
The theoretical framework is based on phenomenography (Marton & Both, 1997; Marton, 2014).
The analysis focuses on different ways of describing experiences (Marton & Booth, 1997). Distinguished descriptions are collected into separate categories.
Ethical considerations adhere to the Swedish Research Council (2017), and all necessary information and permissions were dealt with during the long-term project. Participating students have been provided with information about the purpose of the research project and have given their consent to participate. To ensure the participants’ confidentiality, any names appearing in the text are pseudonyms.
The analysis shows that a positive attitude dominates the students' views of science and that their self-confidence about science subjects and science teaching increases over time. The results from the two open-ended questions about the student´s experiences of science teaching in relation to thematic teaching and their own education show a great variety. Reasons why science can be perceived as difficult for them to teach are indicated, but at the same time, awareness of ways to shape science teaching emerges. The consequences of the results for preschool teacher education are discussed.
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Publication statusPublished - 2024-Apr-26
EventOMEP European Conference and Assembly, Sustainability from the Start - Kristianstad University, Kristianstad, Sweden
Duration: 2024-Apr-242024-Apr-26
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ConferenceOMEP European Conference and Assembly, Sustainability from the Start
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