Tron, ordet och nådegåvorna: en studie av Livets Ord i Tjeckien

Zenita Johansson

    Research output: Types of ThesisDoctoral Thesis


    In this thesis Word of Life (Slovo zivota) in the Czech Republic is studied from a sociological perspective with a special focus on the Swedish influence, especially the teachings of Ulf Ekman, on the Czech Word of Life-congregations. Another purpose is to examine if there also is space for domestic interpretations of the theology of the faith-movement and if there is any integration with Czech religious tradition. The study also poses the question if the Czech Word of Life-congregations stress the prosperity-theology and the importance of the spiritual gifts of grace. A parallel question is thus to find out if there has been any conflicts between Slovo zivota and other religious bodies or the society in the Czech Republic as has been apparent regarding Livets Ord in Sweden. The subjects in this thesis are discussed with the help of sociological theory, including the concept of charisma and church-sect typologies as well as textual analysis and field research. The study shows that even though the teachings of Ulf Ekman is still important within the Word of Life-congregations in the Czech Republic, the domestic religious traditions, mostly in the form of Husitism, are apparent. Other prominent features of these congregations are a strong focus on faith healing but also on religious tolerance together with an interest in ecumenical work with other churches and denominations in the country. The signs of striving for independence from Swedish influence are visible in the fact that the Czech Word of Life-congregations are forming a domestic variation of faith-theology where the national religious traditions are integrated with the theology usually connected with the faith-movement.

    Original languageSwedish
    Publication statusPublished - 2002

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Religious Studies (60303)


    • church-sect typologies
    • faith-movement
    • field-research
    • husitism
    • prosperity-theology
    • textual analysis
    • the concept of charisma
    • the gifts of grace
    • theology
    • ulf ekman
    • word of life

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