Upplevelsen av biologisk mångfald

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It is important to do something outside, not only inside this building...if you are outside the nature is talking to you. (Arabic/English speaking visitor)

Concern for a diminished nature experience has been referred to as an extinction of experience (Pyle, 1993). The concern is based on the fear that diminished experience of nature leads to reduced environmental awareness and knowledge, and ultimately, to a reduction in pro-environmental behavior. Attention to both the value and potential loss of nature experience is at the foundation of the research presented here.


Two related studies are briefly presented that explore the experience of nature, and specifically, the experience of biodiversity in the Kristianstad Vattenrike biosphere reserve. The first is a study of the relationship between place attachment and participation in nature based outdoor recreation. Random and targeted field based surveys with residents of the Kristianstad municipality were used to gather information. Results indicated a positive and significant relationship between measures of place attachment and nature-based outdoor recreation. The second study, an investigation of the Swedish EPA mandated goal that Swedish Nature Centers (Naturum) will inspire or motivate a direct experience of nature was conducted using thought listing methods. The results of these interviews indicated that the nature center in the Kristianstad Vattenrike is serving this noted function. An outcome that links both studies are the results that highlight the importance of proximate access (in regard to residence and transportation) of recreation and outdoor opportunity to facilitate direct experiences of nature.

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Specialist publicationVattenriket i fokus
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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