8 Minuter
: En kritisk diskursanalys om orsakerna till incels-fenomenet

Translated title of the thesis: 8 Minutes: A critical discourse analysis of the causes of the incels phenomenon
  • Sara Terneby

Student thesis: Bachelor


The purpose of this essay is to increase the understanding of the causes of the incels phenomenon. The material has been derived from two different forums where one, incels.is, is for people who identify themselves as incels while the other material is from people who have written about incels. The essay is based on a critical discourse analysis where two levels of Fairclough's three-dimensional analysis method are used as a method. Goffman's theory of stigma and Connell's theory of masculinity have been used as theoretical frameworks. Based on method and theory, a result is seen that depicts a difference in the constructed reality on the pages, where incels.is creates a hatred of women that is reproduced on to the next post writer without showing objective facts. In addition, the stigma of new members is created and paradoxically a sexual relationship with a woman is wanted but incels themselves hate those who have had a relationship and believe that the people who have had a sexual relationship are not one of them and not welcome to the site. In the second forum, where the writers do not identify themselves to be an incel, there is a debate about the reasons, where exclusion due to various personal problems is seen as the major producer of incels. It becomes a construction of, “we and them”, where we are all except incels. In this forum there is sometimes seen a ridicule of incels where one thinks that it is probably just to get out of the screen and find someone. The study confirms large parts of previous research on incels and is informative about how other people understand exclusion.
Date of Award2022-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorJonas Ringström (Supervisor) & Sari Pekkola (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Higher Education in behavioral science

Courses and Subjects

  • Sociology

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Sociology (50401)


  • Incels
  • Masculinity
  • Stigma
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Online community

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