Anknytning och Idrott
: trygg-bas script och möjligt sporttävlingsscript hos idrottsaktiva skolbarn och samband med föräldrainvolvering i barnets idrott

  • Anita A. Sörlie

    Student thesis: Master, one year


    Secure base scripts are mental attachment representations that develop in the individual during interactions with caregiver(s). In the study we assessed the importance of attachment representation coherence, scripted attachment knowledge and, for children’s scripted knowledge of coping in a sports competition. Besides, a sport enquiry investigating children’s and parental involvement and experience in the child’s sports activities. Parental pressure from both the child and parents perspective was evaluated. Finally, any connection between the child’s attachment and parental pressure was discussed. Children were interviewed (Friends and Family Interview, FFI; Steele & Steele, 2005) and, tested for scripted attachment knowledge (Secure Base Script Test, SBST; Psouni & Apetroaia, 2011). Sports questionnaires were answered by children and parents. School children active in sport, 9-12 years (N = 86) and parents (N = 74) participated. The level of parental pressure is low seen from both the child and parents perspective, anyhow, the children reporting a slightly higher level of pressure. Significant, negative correlations between secure attachment and parental pressure are reported. Parental sensitivity and/or the secure children’s balanced emotional system might be explanations. Scripted knowledge of coping in sports competitions predicted by children’s scripted attachment knowledge (SBST) is reported. Scripted knowledge of coping in sports competitions was higher for Secure than for Insecure children (F(1,40) = 5.05, p = .03, partial η2 = .11). Our findings suggest that securely attached children have an overarching secure base knowledge which is particularly useful in sports situations, thereby highlighting the relevance of attachment theory for sports education and sports psychology.

    Date of Award2013-Aug-07
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorElia Psouni (Supervisor) & Jimmy Jensen (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Magisterprogram i psykologi

    Courses and Subjects

    • Psychology

    University credits

    • 30 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Psychology (501)


    • attachment
    • secure base script
    • middle childhood
    • sports
    • parental pressure

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