Användarfokuserad utveckling av en mellanmålsdryck för skolelever

Translated title of the thesis: User-centric developments of a snack drink for school children
  • Jesper Nyman
  • Niklas Yin

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    The thesis aimed to examine preferences for different snack drinks for school children, and that alone was made from Scania vegetables. A further aim was to study teacher’s perceptions of students' ability to concentrate during class time before lunch.

    As a first step to appoint three snacks drinks to a preference test among school students were two consensus profiling conducted. First profiling was conducted with experts in the field where four beverage prototypes were profiled and the other profiling was performed with a student panel where three further developed prototypes were profiled. The preference test was conducted with children as participants to select which of the three prototype drinks the children considered favorites. The favorite would be used for a project called Skolskjutsen. To find out the teachers 'perception of students' ability to concentrate before lunch was performed a qualitative email survey with six participating teachers.

    The results from the profiling have showed that the prototype differed from each other in terms of characteristics appearance, aroma, flavor and texture. The two snack drinks from profiling one was both sweet and less sour, but the new developed prototype which was profiled in profiling 2 considered being too acidic and less sweet in taste. The preference test showed that children significantly preferred the black currant drink before the mix drink in taste, appearance and in full. Blackcurrant drink was sweeter and less acidic in flavor compared to the mix drink. There were only a few of the children who preferred the mix drink that was least sweet and most acidic in taste.

    The conclusion of the preference test is that the majority of children in the study preferred the beverages that taste sweet and not too acid. For the majority of children, it is the taste that is the determining factor.

    The teacher’s view that children are most concentrated on the start of the school day and is least concentrated in the late afternoon. The teachers who participated in the study also consider that the kids are hungry and less concentrated the hour before lunch. They avoid having more demanding classes as math and Swedish before lunch.

    Date of Award2014-Jul-10
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorViktoria Olsson (Supervisor), Hanna Sepp (Supervisor) & Karin Wendin (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Food Science (40103)


    • profiling
    • preference
    • children
    • concentration
    • teachers
    • students
    • snack

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