Att se och bli sedd!
: Omvårdnad vid självskadebeteende, ur patient och personal- perspektiv

Translated title of the thesis: To see and to be seen!: Nursing care of patient with self-injury behaviour, from a patient- and staff perspective
  • Angelica Ekenstierna
  • Helen Cikos Oredsson

    Student thesis: Bachelor



    Background: Self-harm is not a new problem, it´s rather an old phenomenon. In Sweden, it is difficult to estimate the number of people who harm themselves. There are few studies done and there is a large dark figure that is difficult to estimate. To cut the skin is probably the most common way to inflict self-harm and the causes varies. Purpose: The purpose of the literature study was to describe nursing care of patients with self-injury behaviour. Method: The study is based on 10 scientific articles. Result: The result is presented from two perspectives; nursing care from the patient perspective and from the nursing staff perspective. Patients wishes to be treated with dignity, and that someone being available was important. The staff tried to see the person behind the injury, and the caring was based on empathy, where the understanding of the behaviour should be set aside. Discussion: The most important objective was to see the patient as a person and not just as a person with problems. If the staff were empathetic, trust and confidence was achieved.


    Date of Award2010-Mar-25
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorMarina Sjöberg (Supervisor)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Nursing (30305)


    • self-harm
    • caring
    • patient perspective
    • staff perspective

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