Att undervisa elever med koncentrationssvårigheter
: Ett lärarperspektiv på inkludering

Translated title of the thesis: To teach children with concentration difficulties: a teacher perspective on inclusion
  • Cecilia Lindsjö

Student thesis: Master, one year


The purpose of this study has been to shed light on the working methods and methods that some middle school teachers describe using to teach students with concentration difficulties. The questions are partly about teachers’ knowledge and experience of students with concentration difficulties and their choice of teaching method for these students, partly about how their described working methods interact with the concept of inclusion and what their attitude is to ”A school for all”. The study is based on a social-cultural perspective, where learning takes place in interaction between people and that people feel involved in the learning process. The study is also supported by Tufvesson´s (2015) accessibility model, where the three indications for learning, social, educational and physical environment, are in focus. The method used is a qualitative interview, which has been analyzed using a qualitative content analysis. The results from the interviews show that the teachers convey that they have knowledge and experience of children with concentration difficulties at school. They use several tools and methods to adapt the teaching to students with concentration difficulties. The teachers’ approach regarding the inclusion of students with concentration difficulties shows that they see inclusion as a feeling rather a physical location. The relationships in the class and how teachers and students work together in the classroom are important. The conclusion of the study shows that teachers need time, resources and knowledge to be able to create a functioning schooling for students with concentration difficulties in an inclusive school. For an inclusive school, the study also shows that it is required that the school´s learning environment be made accessible to all students and based on the students’ individual needs.
Date of Award2022-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorAnders Eklöf (Supervisor) & Daniel Östlund (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Magisterprogram i utbildningsvetenskap

Courses and Subjects

  • Educational Leadership

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Pedagogical Work (50304)


  • availability
  • inclusion
  • concentration difficulties
  • teachers
  • teaching methods
  • the availability model

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