Barn och föräldrar i den sociala barnavården
: då och nu

  • Amelie Jeppsson
  • Ann-Louise Zander

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    The social policy defines what is social problems. There is no clear scientific explanation to why children fare badly and unity in what constitutes a bad parenthood that leads to deficiency of care (Sundell&Egelund 2000). The society's values are fickle and influences what to be defined as social problems. In the prevailing period, the discourse produces the social norm (Claezon 2004).

    The aim with this study was to examine which children that fare badly and attitudes about it the good and the insufficient parenthood between 1921-1923 and 1997-2007. The survey was a qualitative file study in witch we studied child welfare. Resemblances and differences have also been studied between these two periods.  This in order to get a grasp on what has been changed and what is left of the old times and still influence the modern society in child welfare.

    Our theoretical starting point is the power of the discourse.Children that are considered fare badly and the attitude of what defines good parenthood is shaped by the cultural values of society that is made visible in child welfare. Through this theoretical perspectives, children, young people and parents that are defined as deviant with shortcomings and imperfection that is to be corrected by the society’s measures. Fahlgren (1999) claims that discourse vary both historically and cultural in the society and its aim is to create order and truth within different areas and is also based on views about interpretation in the society. This is how norms are created of what is considered to be normal.

    The result of our study shows that the social welfare of children is influenced by attitudes within society. The prevailing discourse influence how society defines which children fare badly and that the conception is about good respective insufficient parenthood. This is changed over time and characterized of the society's cultural and historical contexts.


    Keywords: child welfare, children fare badly, parenthood

    Date of Award2010-Jul-12
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorSven-Erik Olsson (Supervisor) & Ingrid Nilsson Motevasel (Examiner)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Social Work (50402)
    • Social Sciences (5)


    • child welfare
    • children fare badly
    • parenthood

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