Born Globals - A New Phenomenon in the Field of Internationalisation

  • Petra Lampa
  • Lisa Nilsson

Student thesis: Bachelor



The internationalisation process of Born Globals is different than the internationalisation process of traditional firms and therefore Born Globals cannot be explained by the existing internationalisation theories. No model exists which can explain why Born Globals emerge even if different researchers have found many explanatory factors.


The main purpose with our dissertation is to investigate and clarify the underlying factors of the emergence of Born Globals. Further, the purpose is to develop our own explanatory model to why Born Globals emerge.


To test our model we conducted a survey using an on-line questionnaire. Our sample constituted firms connected to Ideon in Lund.


The research showed that the model we developed partly could explain why Born Globals emerge. When analysing why Born Globals emerge focus should be on the managers, the products, the market and the network.

Date of Award2004-Jan-01
Original languageEnglish

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Law (505)

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