Business Intelligence Software Customers’ Understanding, Expectations and Needs

  • Adis Sabanovic

    Student thesis: Master, one year


    Modern companies operate in incredibly complex and dynamic environments. This is clearly characterized by constant changes in technology and in various market forces as well as by enormous amounts of data and information that need to be gathered and analyzed every day. Governmental regulations and ongoing competitor pressures, among other external and internal factors, are issues that managers and decision makers in a company must take into a consideration when making decisions. The need for BI systems is growing stronger and businesses in various industries demand such tools that will help them stay on the edge in order to be competitive. Hence the purpose of this paper is to find out what their companies desire when choosing a BI system to work with. What are their needs and what do they expect and understand from this technological system that will hopefully make them work easier and gain their knowledge about the business they operate in.

    A web questionnaire is aimed at 67 Swedish companies from various industries and the answers have been summarized and analyzed in different cross tables for comparison reasons. Respondents from the Manufacturing industry were those with the highest response rate. A model called The PET-model of BI implementation was created, as a result of the theoretical findings, and this model is used to finalize the results and the conclusions of this paper.

    Date of Award2008-Aug-01
    Original languageEnglish

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