Business networks A study of managers in small companies and their perceived benefits of formal business network participation

  • Camilla Talarowska
  • Denana Tuzinovic

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Purpose: The purpose of this dissertation is to research managers of small size firms and to study managers’ perceived benefits of their participation in a formal business network. Small firms can benefit from managers participation in formal business network by gaining more knowledge, getting access to resources, create alliances and create opportunities to internationalize.

    Methodology: This dissertation is of a deductive approach. Existing theory of managers, managerial demographic characteristics, networks and the outcomes to form a theoretical background is used. From this theory we will develop pattern models, conduct a survey, test the result statistically and compare the result with our created perceived pattern models.

    Conclusions: Our findings show that no matter what managerial demographic characteristics of the manager, small firm managers mostly perceive to benefit from more knowledge, gaining consultancy and improving their companies’ position on the market as a result of their participation in the formal business network. Few managers perceived to gain knowledge about international markets, finding employees or created foreign co-operation.

    Date of Award2008-Jan-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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