Can Fog and Rain Harvesting Secure Safe Drinking Water in Rural Cameroon? – Case study of Bafou (mountainous) and Mora (low-lying) villages

  • Zacharie Tite Mbomba Jiatsa

    Student thesis: Master, two years


    At the opposite of numerous countries in the world, despite its natural assets and its enormous surface and underground water potential, Cameroon is still trying to put down effective policies for the supply of safe drinking water for its rural population. Many initiatives to supply these communities through a national water distribution network have remained for the most dead letters or fruitless. A very high number of people still endanger their life daily by relying on archaic water supply techniques – when they are working – and by consuming unsafe water.

    This study therefore investigates if fog and rainwater harvesting could help in securing safe drinking water to these same rural communities, leaving the remaining demand - if any - to be provided by the existing but too often non-reliable supply system. Two pilot sites have been selected for their different climatic conditions; a village in the mountainous Western Province and another in the low-lying area of the Far-North Province of Cameroon. Average climatic data and basic topographical information from each location were used to determine the size and number of required collectors. The potential monthly water-yield at each site was then assessed using an actual climatic data series (8 years) and the theoretical performance simulated based on an increasing per capita daily consumption (10 – 40 l.d-1). An estimate of implementation cost is provided as part of the discussion on the feasibility of using both fog and rainwater harvesting as low-cost approaches to securing safe drinking water in Cameroon.

    Date of Award2013-May-20
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorJean Lacoursière (Supervisor) & Peter Dahlblom (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Master in Sustainable Water Management

    University credits

    • 30 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Environmental Engineering (207)


    • rainwater harvesting
    • fog harvesting
    • rural communities
    • bafou
    • mora
    • cameroon.

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