Förflyttad till en annan värld
: en litteraturstudie om immersion och användargränssnitt i digitala spel

Translated title of the thesis: Displaced to an alternative world: a literature study in immerstion and the user interface in video games
  • Mikael Andreasson

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    I have with this literature study closer studied the term immersion and it's connection to user interfaces within video games in the FPS-genre (First-Person Shooter). The study first presents previous research that has occurred in the fields of immersion, user interfaces and video games. Three things are then, from this, later lifted up in the problem specification, those three are, that immersion can affect people, that user interfaces are critical links between the gamer and the game and that the genre is significant in the development of a user interface. The purpose of the study has been to a research current theory which has expanded my knowledge in the fields of immersion, user interfaces and video games. A qualitative oriented research with hermeneutics as the methodology has been applied in the execution of the study.

    I then present, in the results chapter, three examples of games in the FPS-genre where it is found that two of these games have a user interface that supports immersion with the third game having a user interface that breaks immersion. The results have then been extracted into four guidelines with the purpose to give user interface designers clear instructions about what applies in the development of user interfaces that supports immersion in the FPS-genre. The conclusion of the study has then been that user interfaces can affect immersion in both a positive and in a negative way.

    Date of Award2014-Jan-16
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorLennart Larsson (Supervisor), Michael Johansson (Supervisor) & Kerstin Ådahl (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Digital design

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Information Systems, Social aspects (50804)


    • immersion
    • user interface
    • video games
    • fps
    • hud

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