Factors Influencing Customer-relations in B2B - A Survey of Medical Rubber's Customers

  • Malin Johansson
  • Markus Nilsson
  • Carl-Douglas Thulin

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    In order to be successful on the market it gets more and more important to have a good relation to your customer. Without a good relationship to your customer you are just one among many other competitors. A healthy relationship in which both parties are satisfied is probably based on many different reasons. Many researchers in this field believe that power/dependence and commitment/trust are essential cornerstones in a business relationship. However, the researchers all stresses different factors that they believe influence these cornerstones. Our work is based on power, commitment and trust, and our intention is to point out the different factors that we believe are influencing our cornerstones. Furthermore we have constructed a model and created hypotheses that are tested through a survey conducted on Medical Rubbers customers.

    Date of Award2005-Jan-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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