Fast driftställe vid internetbaserad verksamhet

Translated title of the thesis: Permanent Establishment – to Internet based establishment
  • Emma Löndahl
  • Therese Lindqvist

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    It is more common now to purchase products and services on the Internet. More and more companies choose to sell their services and products this way. Some services and products the customers can get delivered directly to their computers. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to know when they risk a permanent establishment in another country due to their Internet based activity. If the company gets a permanent establishment in the other country, the other country can tax the income which is relatable to the company’s permanent establishment. The definition of a permanent establishment in Swedish legislation mainly correspond with the OECD:s definition of a permanent establishment. To get a permanent establishment the business shall operate through a fixed place and have a certain degree of permanence. The business should also be wholly or partly carried out in that fixed place. If these requirements are not fulfilled the company will not get a permanent establishment. The OECD does not consider a website a permanent establishment, but the server on which the website is stored can be a permanent establishment. If a website and a server work together they can be considered a “dependent” agent for the company and thereby, the company gets a permanent establishment. The fixed place for the server is the room where it is placed. For the server to be considered a permanent it has to be at the fixed place for six months. The business shall wholly or partly be carried out in that fixed place. The server is considered an automatic equipment; therefore, personnel are not required to be present at the fixed place. Not everyone has the same interpretation concerning if a server shall give a permanent establishment. Therefore, we would like to see a sketch of an international common legislation in income taxation concerning Internet based activity. It would make it easier for all parties to have a common interpretation of the legislation.

    Date of Award2009-Oct-08
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorBengt Åkesson (Supervisor) & Bernard Johann Mulder (Examiner)

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    • Miscellaneous

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

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    • Law (505)


    • permanent establishment
    • internet based establishment
    • oecd:s modeltax convention
    • server.

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