Framställning och vidareympning av gårdskultur
: Vad skiljer en yoghurt fermenterad av gårdens egen bakterieflora från industriell och traditionell yoghurt?

Translated title of the thesis: Production and inoculation of artisanal farm culture.: What distinguishes a yoghurt fermented by the farm's own bacterial flora from an industrial and a traditional yoghurt?
  • Line Hellström

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Background: With industrialization, the traditional yoghurt cultures with a multitude of lactic acid bacteria had to make way for the more standardized. An artisanal farm culture is produced by raw milk spontaneously fermented by the farm's own bacterial flora and thus develops a unique character. The bacterial culture can then be inoculated for the production of yoghurt.Purpose: The pupose of the study is to produce and inoculate as well as sensory and microbiological characterization of a thermophilic artisanal farm culture from raw milk. The inoculation relates to the production of yoghurt fermented by the farm's own bacterial flora.Method: The artisanal farm culture was produced and inoculated into yoghurt which was assessed by microbiological characterization, antibiotic resistance, sensory profiling and then compared with industrial culture and a traditional heirloom culture.Result: The result showed that the artisanal farm culture differed both microbiologically and with regard to sensory paramters. The farm culture contained strains of enterococci which did not show resistance to analyzed antibiotics.Conclusion: It is possible to produce an artisanal farm culture of good microbiological and sensory quality. The artisanal farm culture provides a differentiated microbiological and sensory character in comparison to an industrial culture and a traditional heirloom culture The method may be risky and the culture should be analyzed for pathogens. A unique farm yoghurt can be a method for artisan farm dairies to build their brand based on terroir.

    Date of Award2018-Jul-10
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorCaroline Lindö (Supervisor) & Viktoria Olsson (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Food Engineering (21101)


    • artisanal culture
    • yoghurt
    • fermented dairy products
    • fermented
    • thermophilic starter culture
    • lactic acid bacteria

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