Good enough?
En studie om omsorgsförmåga hos föräldrar med intellektuell begåvningsnedsättning kopplat till barns behov.

  • Zanitha Mohlin

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    The aim of this essay is to investigate what factors are relevant for the caring ability of parents with learning disability regards to children’s needs, from professional point of view.

    I have focused on two main issues:

    · What difficulties in parenthood, can parents with learning disability come across   and what does the difficulties depend on?

    ·What factors are decisive when a child’s fundamental need has to be taken care of?



    I have chosen a qualitative approach as I want to find out more about the difficulties a parent with intellectual disability is facing, according to the professional. I conducted six interviews with professional social workers who work daily with intellectual challenged parents.

    The theories I have used the attachment theory as a starting point for the study and the objectrelation theory. In the latter I am using the key concept “good enough” in my analysis. Apart from the theories above I have also used key concepts relevant to this study.

    The result of this study shows that awareness of the disability is of very high importance in many ways. For the parent with intellectual disability it is a necessity to realize and confess the disability in order to dare asking for help and to expand the possibilities to learn. For the professionals it is very important how they treat the intellectually disabled parent. My respondents have learned that with respect and meeting the intellectually disabled parents on their level it is easier to work with the parents and to develop an inspiring relationship.

    The respondents all agree that one of the largest problems for a parent with intellectual disability is when the disabled parent needs to transfer learning from one situation to another.

    The factors above is of importance but the main topic of this study is the attachment between the child and the parent, how wrong it can be, in many ways, if it does not work.



    Date of Award2010-Nov-22
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorHans Knutagård (Supervisor) & Anders Giertz (Examiner)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Social Work (50402)


    • learning disability
    • insufficient parenting
    • parenting skills
    • negligence
    • children´s needs.

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