Hur hanterar skolor hot och våld?
: En fallstudie av ansvarsfördelning och implementering av riktlinjer på skolan

  • Vilhelmine Malmberg

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    How schools handles threat and violence among pupils could have an effect on the surrounding world, since schools reflect society at large. This study attempts to explore how this is handled within two schools, one secondary school and one upper secondary school. How do the schools work with violence and threats amongst pupils? Who is responsible for what? Is this work based on school guidelines? Why/why not? The theoretical starting-points have been Lundquists implementation-based control-model and an organizational point-of-view using theories about open and closed systems, primarily Meyer and Rowans neo-institutionalism. To gain validity, the study has been carried out by way of triangulation, i.e. using different methods. In this study, the methods have been: conversational interviews with school principals, focused group interviews with school staff combined with the vignette method, and a literary study of school guidelines. The analysis of the empirical material has been primarily thematic which was mainly guided by empirics, but a minor analysis of the discourse is also included in the study. The results show that there are many obstacles to overcome in the implementation of school guidelines, which, on the other hand, are not always up-to-date. The major obstacle is a lack of resources, primarily among the teachers, such as time pressure and insufficient education on the subject. This study also implies that there is somewhat of a power imbalance between the school staff and the pupils, as well as the pupils‟ parents. There also seems to be a lack of collaboration with agents outside the schools, primarily the social services and the police, because of strict boundaries. At last, the study provides several issues and different perspectives as a starting point for further research, such as experiences of threats and violence at school among pupils and parents, and their influence, as well as the issue of threats and violence against school staff.

    Date of Award2010-Nov-22
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorWeddig Runquist (Supervisor) & Sven-Erik Olsson (Examiner)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Social Work (50402)
    • Social Sciences (5)


    • violence
    • threat
    • school guidelines
    • organization
    • implementation

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