Internationalizatio Inversa - Modernising Internationalization theory

  • Ludvig Steen
  • Michael Weinert
  • Gustav Öhrvik

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    With the world becoming one homogenous market-place, as a result of globalization, the need for effective internationalization theories is ever increasing. Today, it has become more difficult to present a differentiated business option that will get noticed in the long line of similar companies, and this can all be seen as the direct effect of globalization.

    The research field of Internationalization theory already contains a number of different suggested strategies to use. The problem is, that most of these are built up around the assumption that the world consists of many small and well-protected markets. To assume such a thing 20-30 years ago was only reasonable. Today, however, the rules of the market game has changed: China has opened up its market, the Berlin wall has fallen and the Internet has provided companies with a new set of opportunities.

    In this dissertation, an alternative internationalization strategy for the firm is presented. This strategy will differentiate the company, and at the same time raise interest among consumers. The name of the model is Internationalizatio Inversa (Internationalization reversed), and it is a modern internationalization theory which takes the effects of globalization into consideration and tries to exploit these.

    Date of Award2007-Jan-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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