Is Theory Applied in Practice? A Stady of Linkage between Swedish MNC's Strategies and Húman Resource Staffing Policies

  • Linnea Ivinger
  • Lisa Lindvetter

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Theory suggests that there is a linkage between strategies and human resource staffing policies. Our aim with the dissertation was to test if such a linkage could be proven in Swedish MNCs. Also, indications spoke for ethnocentric tendencies in MNCs. We wanted to test if this was the reality for Swedish companies. In order to test the linkage we had to categorise the companies’ strategies and human resource staffing policies.

    By a survey we concluded that there was not full consistency in the companies’ answers regarding which strategy and staffing policy they belonged to. An apparent linkage between strategy and human resource staffing policy could not be proven. Also, we found no evidence of ethnocentrism in Swedish MNCs.

    Date of Award2006-Jan-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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