Järnålder och medeltid i Näsums socken
: en agrarhistorisk studie i nordöstra Skåne

Translated title of the thesis: Iron Age and Middle Ages in the parish of Näsum: an agrarian historical study in the north east of Scania
  • Evelina Larsson

Student thesis: Bachelor


In an attempt to broaden the state of knowledge regarding the agrarian historical development in north east of Scania, a study of the parish of Näsum has been made. Näsum is located in Bromölla, north of Ivösjön. Located in the central study area, there is a grave field called Gudahagen. According to archaeological studies, the grave field was used during the Iron Age, and was probably abandoned in the early Middle Ages. Two villages, Näsum and Västanå, are located adjacent to the grave field. These villages might have a long historical continuity. Historical maps, geology, topography, ancient remains and land names are examples of factors that has been studied. For a deeper understanding of one of the central villages in Näsum, a historical map of Västanå has been rectified and digitized in GIS, and later analyzed in combination with, for example, terrain shadows and geological maps. The studies have shown that there are similarities between historic landscapes in Näsum and in Stoby, a parish located nearby. Some parallels can also be drawn between the historic landscapes in Näsum och in Halland. In Näsum there are also connections between land use, geology and topography. Näsum's villages have been limited to the sandy plains and have natural boundaries towards the tougher terrain in the surrounding moraine landscape. It’s also likely that the water in Näsum, both Ivösjön and the streams, has played a big part when it comes to planning of land use. Place names in the parish indicate that a medieval expansion has taken place. Perhaps the expansion started as early as in the Viking Age. The villages have probably expanded from the larger sandy plains in the center of Näsum towards the parish boundaries.

Date of Award2020-May-20
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorPär Connelid (Supervisor) & Joachim Regnéll (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Landscape Science Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Geology (10504)
  • Human Geography (50701)


  • agrarian history
  • iron age
  • middle ages
  • landscape science
  • gudahagen
  • näsum
  • bromölla

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