”Jag skulle säga att samtalsledarrollen återkommer i de flesta möten i mitt uppdrag som specialpedagog”
: En studie om specialpedagogers uppfattningar kring sitt uppdrag med ett undersökande fokus på samtalsledarrollen

Translated title of the thesis: "I would say that the role of being a qualified conversational leader recurs in most meetings in my assignment as a special educator": A study of special educators' perceptions of their mission with an investigative focus on the role of the qualified conversational leader
  • Anna Andréason
  • Therese Widerberg

Student thesis: Professional degree, Advanced level


This thesis has been written with the intention of contributing knowledge about how special educators in preschool express themselves about their work as qualified conversational leaders. The purpose of the study is to try to visualize how special educators in preschool perceive their assignment and how significant the role of the qualified conversational leader is. The following questions were asked: How do special educators in preschools perceive the roll as a conversational leader? To what extent do the participating special educators estimate that the role of tutoring and the consultation function constitutes within their assignment? The thesis is based on a systems theoretical perspective where three concepts have been selected for the thematic analysis. The selected systems theoretical analysis tools in the study were: full perspective, relationships and circularity. The method used was a questionnaire with both open and closed questions. 30 special educators participated in the study. The results of the study show that the participating special educators seem to feel that their skills as conversational leaders are well utilized. There were no significant differences in how the conversational leader role as a consultation function was perceived among participating special educators. The study shows that the participating special educators perceive that the qualified conversational leader role means, among other things, leading conversations systematically. The special educators expressed similar thoughts about conversation structures, broadening of perspectives, confirmation and the importance of relationships together with a safe and permissive conversation climate. The special educators answered similarly about how much of their assignment consisted of the role as a conversational leader, even if there were divergent opinions.
Date of Award2024-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorIngmarie Bengtsson (Supervisor), Katarina Nilfyr (Assessor) & Jonas Aspelin (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Special Education Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Pedagogical Work (50304)

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