Klimatneutral Färdplan i Fossilfri Konkurrenskraft för Paroc, Sverige
: vad Paroc kan göra för att möta upp färdplanen från Fossilfritt Sverige

Translated title of the thesis: Climate Neutral Roadmap in Fossil Free Competitiveness for Paroc, Sweden: what Paroc can do to meet up with the roadmap from Fossil Free Sweden
  • Felix Mörk

Student thesis: Bachelor


Today’s society is standing in front of a revolution where fossil energy should be replaced with renewable energy. Governmental agencies and policy makers have formed goals and regulations to become greener, and the organisation Fossil Free Sweden has published roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness. Therefore, this report has connected Paroc’s operations with a roadmap for fossil free competitiveness to form a strategic environmental plan. Early, it was recognized that the field was big and a limitation to CO2-emissions during production were established. The facts were gathered mostly throughout literature studies, scientific publications/articles, and personal communication with personnel at Paroc/Owens Corning. The results gave a description over fossil free competitiveness for the construction sector, previous, and current sustainability efforts at Paroc. After that, the report lifted suggestions of modifications to the mainstream process. Focus laid on the reduction of coke, propane, and dolomite. Later, the report discussed a possible strategy to become fossil free by 2045. It found out that there are many approaches to become climate neutral. Moreover, a need for practical testing of the solutions in the mainstream processes, and that emissions can be calculated in an absolute of relative way. 

Date of Award2021-Jun-28
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorStefan Trobro (Supervisor) & Lennart Mårtensson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Environmental Strategist - Soil, Water and Urban Development

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Environmental Engineering (207)
  • Engineering and Technology (2)


  • climate neutral
  • fossil free
  • mineral wool
  • competitiveness
  • intercommunion
  • plasma burner
  • oxy fuel
  • hydrogen gas.

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