Lönsam arbetsmiljö eller arbetsmiljö för lönsamhet?
: en studie om effekter av systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete

  • Malin Olsson
  • Marie Sundström

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    This study examines how the implementation of a systematic work environment management can affect an organization. Many places do not work systematically with the working environment although companies are very dependent of the wellbeing and health of their co-workers as this increases their effectiveness. The aim is to increase the understanding of how important it is to actively address the social and physical environment in a company. We want to show organizations how they can gain profit, not only financially, but through the wellbeing and effectiveness of their employees long-term. The study is qualitative to its disposition and uses an interactive process of research. The sample consisted of respondents from the company Copy Syd AB. The result shows that the implementation of a systematic work environment management is of great importance to the company and its employees. As the study indicates there are positive effects from satisfied co-workers who think that the implementation has contributed to an increased job satisfaction as well as increased efficiency at work. The profit might not always be financial, but if the co-workers experience that their work situation, both physically and psychosocially, is considerably better than before, this profit must be considered as great, or even greater importance than mere economy. In the study it also emerges that it is possible to distinguish effects on three levels: for the individual, for the organization and for the society.

    Date of Award2011-May-02
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorBengt Arne Larsson (Supervisor) & Carin Linander (Examiner)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Work Sciences (50903)


    • working environment
    • physical working environment
    • psychosocial working environment
    • systematic work environment management
    • efficiency
    • profitability
    • profit

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