Lagringsduglighet av Conferencepäron i kyl och rumstemperatur
: en jämförelse mellan ekologiskt och konventionellt odlade päron

Translated title of the thesis: Shelf life of Conference pears in cool and room temperature: a comparison between organic and conventionally grown pears
  • Emma Altenhammar
  • Linn Persson

    Student thesis: Bachelor



    ‘Conference’ pear is a climactic autumn pear with unpredictable storage capacity. By studying the storage capacity of the pears, insights can be obtained which can reduce food waste.


    The aim of this thesis is to study the storability of conference pears in refrigerated temperature against room temperature after longterm storage in modified atmosphere. The study compares conventionally and organically grown pears.

    Material and methods

    Organic and conventional Conference pears were studied in refrigerated and room temperature during a three week period. Every other day 5 pears were taken from each test group (organic in cool and room temperature, conventional in cool and room temperature). The pears went through a series of tests which measured weight, color, firmness, brix and pH. As a sensory study, a consensus test was made where pears were assessed by a panel according to predetermined attributes in seven-grade scales.


    The result shows that Conference pears stored at room temperature lost more weight than Conference pears stored in cool during the test period. The pH value dropped for all pear groups while Brix levels decreased for pears stored in cool, but increased for pears stored in room temperature. All pears developed a darker color throughout the test period, both internally and externally. Conventionally grown pears retained it’s green color best in cool storage compared to organically grown peras, but developed a yellow tone instead. All organic pears were perceived to develop a grainier texture and a more brownish color than conventional pears.


    The shelf-life of Conference pears became shorter in room temperature compared to the refrigerated temperature after long-term storage in modified atmosphere. With the exception of the pears starting values, the ripening behavior of organic and conventional pears are similar except that the conventional pears developed a more yellow color over time and the organic pears developed a more brown color instead.

    Date of Award2020-Jul-21
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorViktoria Olsson (Supervisor) & Karin Wendin (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Food Engineering (21101)


    • shelflife
    • conference pear
    • food quality
    • ecology
    • sensory
    • organic
    • conventional
    • ripening behaviour
    • maturation

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