Level of self-esteem, social network and experience of school education among girls - a questionnaire survey in Kitwe, Zambia

  • Karin Strömberg
  • Gita Westerlund

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Health should be seen as a resource in daily life so people can feel satisfaction and social support network has been shown to have a significant impact on health. Another important determinant on health is education. There is a strong interrelationship between health and education. The centre of work in health education and promotion is the development of self-esteem. The aim of the study was to investigate the level of self-esteem, social network and experience of school education among girl’s 13-16 years, in Kitwe Zambia, in order to increase knowledge about how to learn to strengthen self-esteem and empowerment in girls. This investigation is a cross-sectional survey and we have chosen to use a quantitative method such as questionnaires. Our study received the approval of the University of Kristianstad Ethics Committee. The result shows that the girls think that the school is important for their future and that they enjoy going to school. But 34% of the girls felt that the school did not treat everybody the same and 50% of the girls were not involved at all in any student club. The results in our study showed that there were no statistical connections between level of self-esteem, social network and experience of school education. Our conclusion is that it did not matter what level of self-esteem the girls had, they had a good social network and a positive attitude towards school. A high level of self-esteem increases the young girls believes in themselves and that they can feel capable of taking a bigger part in the society. We hope that this study will underline the importance of women’s education, empowerment and self-esteem for their development. We believe that this may not change the world, but it is one good step in the development of a country.

    Date of Award2005-Jun-01
    Original languageEnglish

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    • Medical and Health Sciences (3)

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