Mer djur i socialt arbete?
socionomers röster

Translated title of the thesis: More Animals in Social Work? Social Workers' Voices
  • Lorraine Torgersen

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    This study focuses on the use of animals in social work from the perspective of social workers. The purpose of this study is to examine social workers’ experiences of animal assisted social work and how social workers view the integration of animals in various fields of social work. The research is based on a qualitative method and four semi-structured interviews were conducted with social workers. The theories incorporated in the study are Attachment Theory and Sense of Coherence (SOC).

    The following results are presented: Social workers are considered to have a more comprehensive understanding of clients compared to their associates who do not hold a degree in Social Work. The Social Work Programme prepares you for work in various roles in numerous work places and the social workers claim to sympathise with the many aspects which affect clients. Some of the positive aspects of incorporating animals in social work include opportunities to experience the outdoors and exercise when spending time with the animals but also the additional satisfaction of being able to offer clients these benefits. The social workers are aware of potential safety risks in handling and associating with the animals and these safety risks appear to have a negative impact on animal assisted social work. According to the social workers, animal allergies can be minimized and should not be the focal point. SOC and its three components – Comprehensibility, Manageability and Meaningfulness have been applied to the social workers experiences of animal assisted social work and their experiences shared indicate that animals can hold properties of an attachment figure. Animals have a calming effect on clients, and assist in the connection between social worker and client.

    Date of Award2015-Feb-25
    Original languageSwedish

    Educational program

    • Social Work Study Programme

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Social Work (50402)


    • animal assisted
    • attachment theory
    • sense of coherence
    • soc
    • social work
    • social worker

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