Musikens vara eller icke vara i klassrummet
: En studie i hur musik påverkar koncentrationen i skolan

Translated title of the thesis: Music or not in the classroom: A study regarding how music has an effect on concentration in school
  • Helena Sallermo

Student thesis: Bachelor


The main goal of this study was to find out if there is an individual difference in how listening to preferred music with headphones has an effect on the ability to concentrate on independent tasks among students in high school. Two classes from the social science program were asked and 52 students between 18 and 20 years of age participated. The students did the same reading comprehension test twice with limited time, once with music and once without. The students chose their own preferred music and they listened with earphones on their mobile phones. Before the test 31 students reported that the music had a positive effect on their concentration and 21 reported a negative effect. A quasi experimental within-group design was the model used for the study and a counterbalance of the groups was made to avoid order effects. The hypothesis of the study was that students who preferred working with music also benefited from doing so. The results were analyzed in a repeated measures ANOVA. There was no evidence found to back up the hypothesis, but on the other hand there was no evidence for the opposite either. The students obtained the same result with or without the music.
Date of Award2022-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorJimmy Jensen (Supervisor) & Emma Renström (Examiner)

Courses and Subjects

  • Psychology

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Psychology (50101)


  • Concentration,
  • Attention
  • Music
  • Self Selected
  • Self-evaluation
  • High school students

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