”När vi läser tillsammans och pratar om boken förstår jag bättre”
: -att finna läslust och väcka tysta klassrum vid läsförståelsearbete

Translated title of the thesis: ”When reading together and talking about the book I understand it better”: finding the motivation to read and waking up quiet classrooms in reading comprehension work
  • Kristina Ekblad
  • Helén Olsson

Student thesis: Master, one year


Much attention and research has been brought to the fact that children spend less time reading,and that reading comprehension among children and adolescents is declining. Despite theseproblems are yet to be resolved and schools face a great challenge in finding ways to strengthenreading comprehension for all children and at the same time ignite the intrinsic motivation. In thefield of research, we find evidence that intrinsic motivation for reading in combination with social,verbal interaction are key factors in developing reading comprehension. We contribute toenlighten how reading comprehension can be enhanced through structured collaborativeeducation instruction and the impact this may have on reading motivation as well asunderstanding. After a short intervention in a year six, and use of modelling and cooperative workwe find indications that more students gain in understanding of the texts and therefore find thework more engaging, in comparison to traditional work. Using RTI – Response to Intervention wemeasure the students’ experiences of reading before and after the modelled classes. Thestudents´ experiences were considered to be relevant, since reflections on their own learning,metacognition, is an important part of the work on reading. The result shows that the weakestreaders experience reading easier to understand with the scaffolding offered. Readingcomprehension work through cooperative learning that encourages verbal interaction both in fullclass and in smaller groups, also prove to be motivational. Since the intervention was carried outin a very short period of time and is based on the students´ experiences, we cannot prove resultson actual effects of the intervention, since no comprehension tests as means for measuring wereused.

Date of Award2020-May-29
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorBarbro Bruce (Supervisor) & Maria Rubin (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Special Education Teacher Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Pedagogy (50301)


  • cooperative learning
  • reading motivation
  • modelling
  • scaffolding
  • reading comprehension
  • reading comprehension work
  • rti

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