Naturbetesmarker & vildsvin
: En kvalitativ studie om vildsvinsskador på naturbetesmark från markägarnas perspektiv

Translated title of the thesis: Pasturelands & wild boars: A qualitative study about wild boar damages on pasturelands from the landowners´ perspective
  • Emil Johansson
  • Jeanette Ågren

Student thesis: Bachelor


Pasturelands is a land with high biodiversity, in order to keep them open with herbivores, there is environmental support from Landsbygdsprogrammet designed to benefit the biological diversity. Wild boars (Sus Scrofa) have increased markedly in recent decades, which has led to major economic consequences for agriculture and it´s land. From previous research, we can see that the damage does not adversely affect biodiversity. Biodiversity is a central part of the environmental support that the farmers receive to keep their pasturelands open. But what does landowners say about the problems with wild boar on pasturelands and how do they look on the future? The study is based on the landowners ‘perspective, we examine how landowners experience wild boar damage to their pasturelands and how the damage affects their management. We also examine how landowners experience the advice and support they receive from the authority and what changes they want to see in wild boar management. In the study, we choose to use qualitative research interviews, in which six landowners were interviewed. The result of the study show that landowners feel that the biggest problem is that the damage is time-consuming and costly to repair. There was also criticism of today´s design of environmental support and the pressure from the wild boar population must be reduced in order to keep their land open in the future. The conclusion is that there must be a greater holistic approach to wild management to reduce the damage and more individual advice for the individual landowner.

Date of Award2021-Apr-06
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorJoachim Regnéll (Supervisor), Thomas Beery (Supervisor) & Nils-Olof Svensson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Landscape Science Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Other Natural Sciences (107)
  • Ecology (10611)
  • Economics (50201)


  • pastureland
  • wild boar (sus scrofa)
  • interviews
  • compensation
  • landowner
  • authorities
  • managment

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