Objective Management and Assessment on Special Equipments Security - A Case Study of Elevators Security

  • Tongbo Yu
  • Weidong Zhu
  • Luhong Zheng

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Under the era of globalization, as China's rapid economic development, the amount of special equipments has been in the dramatic increase, which has brought a major challenge on how to ensure the safety in special equipments. The overall security situation in special equipments in China is not optimistic.

    This dissertation takes elevators as a case study to build the dynamic security administration model of special equipments, make an assessment on the model and analyze the model under different social circumstances of state level and global level.

    In this article the dynamic security administration model is created to achieve the management objective --- safety, based on the analysis and study of various processes and management entities of elevators, effectively making use of social resources to tighten the control over special equipments manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, inspection, and supervision. AHP is used to determine assessment factors of multi-level analysis and weight of all factors. And it takes Fuzzy mathematic method to calculate assessment result, pointing out factors with existing issues, which can be rectified and perfected by continuous improvement.

    We also try to analyze the influence of five social environment factors: government administration, market economy, information technology, education and regulations on special equipments safe administration. Then we compare the differences of this model applying to Sweden and global level.

    Date of Award2006-Dec-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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