Olika faktorers betydelse för arbetsrelaterad stress inom äldreomsorgen
: En enkätstudie på privata och kommunala äldreboenden

Translated title of the thesis: The importance of different factors for work-related stress in elderly care: A survey study in private and municipal nursing homes
  • Alexander Rydell
  • Max Thurn

Student thesis: Bachelor


The purpose of the work is to investigate the work-related stress factors of workers in nursing homes in Sweden. In this work, a comparison will also be made between the municipal and private sectors regarding work-related stress. The primary question is to investigate the importance of different factors for work-related stress in elderly care. The work is structured by a quantitative method and is a cross -sectional study. The work is based on quantitative analysis of a digital questionnaire. The sample consists of employees in elderly care and is representative of employees in elderly care in Sweden. The selection in this work is based on 64 respondents. When constructing the self-made survey, inspiration was taken from requirements, control, the support model and the ASK form. The results showed that no significant difference could be observed between privately owned and municipally owned nursing homes in terms of work-related stress. It could also be observed that the work environment can contribute to work-related stress, based on a self-constructed stress index, in the event of insufficient time, staffing shortages or sudden events. Which were the main contributing stress factors according to the participants. Possible explanations for these results have been based on the fact that individual differences may have influenced the experience of work-related stress more than work-related stress factors. The limitations of the work are based on the fact that it is a cross-sectional study and that particular variables were not suitable for measurements. Furthermore, the work was based on expectations that work-related stress was highly prevalent in elderly care based on previous personal experiences. The results may possibly lead to practical implications and give rise to further research.
Date of Award2024-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorCornelia Wulff Hamrin (Supervisor), Ulf Ericsson (Assessor) & Carola Aili (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Programme in Human Resources and Work Life Conditions

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Work Sciences (50903)

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