”Om jag kan få barn att förstå det magiska med boken… då kommer jag göra en jättestor skillnad.”
: En studie om hur förskollärare resonerar om sitt arbete med utformningen av en stimulerande läsmiljö.

  • Anna Svensson
  • Ebba Särnblad

Student thesis: Bachelor


The purpose of this study is to analyze how preschool teachers resonate and work with the design of a stimulated reading environment in preschools activities. The survey aims for preschool teachers who work in preschools with children in the ages 1-5. Three questions have been formulated based on the purpose. The questions concern the interior and design of a room, the cooperation with the home and library and the way the book is used in the activities. The study is carried out by a qualitative method and the empirical has been collected with semi-structured interviews. The study is based on a sociocultural theory where relevant concepts for the study is highlighted. The interview material has been transcribed and has been arranged in four different categories. Our result indicates that preschools’ collaboration with libraries is a central part of the creation of stimulating reading environments. However, the library is not something that preschools continuously visit with the children's group. The results show that accessibility of books in the reading environment is important for children and that preschool teachers strive to show an interest and commitment to books. The book is used in different ways and in different contexts in the activities, including in thematic work, as a relationship creation and to promote children's language development. The result also makes it clear that books that show their front page and are easily accessible, capture children's interest and contribute to a more active use of the book. It also makes it easier for preschool teachers to see which types of books children used the most. 


Date of Award2020-Dec-21
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorJonas Asklund (Supervisor) & Christoffer Dahl (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Förskollärarutbildning

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Pedagogy (50301)


  • reading environment
  • design
  • book
  • preschool teacher
  • stimulating
  • preschool
  • library
  • collaboration

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