Påverkar information kring näringsinnehåll och ekologisk hållbarhet fysiskt aktiva konsumenters attityder till insekter som mat?

Translated title of the thesis: Does information about nutrient content and ecological sustainability affect physically active consumers' attitudes towards insects as food?
  • Julia Bengtsson

Student thesis: Bachelor


Current food consumption worldwide contributes to global environmental degradation. In order to promote sustainable development, alternative nutritional sources need to be used and insects are a nutritious food with high protein quality that can replace other traditional animal products. Insects as food are in the western world usually associated with negative attitudes such as disgust and neophobia, which prevents a global diet that includes insects. Physically active consumers are often dedicated to a balanced diet with enough energy and nutrition. The aim of this study is to analyze physically active consumers and their attitudes to insects as food and compare whether these are affected by information on nutritional content and ecological sustainability. The study also aims to find out how their attitudes can be used to present insects as food in an attractive way. The study was conducted as a web-based survey. The survey was preceded, for half of the participants, by information about insects as food based on ecological sustainability and nutritional content. The study, in a comparison between the two groups, found that the type of information the participants received did not have a significant impact on physically active consumers' attitudes towards insects as food. Acceptance of food is a complex phenomena and requires consumers to have time to get used to eating insects, for example, by gradually reducing disgust. The results show that this can be done by serving ground insects in a well-known food product.

Date of Award2021-Jul-19
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorKarin Wendin (Supervisor) & Viktoria Olsson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Other Natural Sciences (107)
  • Food Science (40103)


  • insects
  • food
  • survey
  • attitudes
  • nutrition
  • ecological sustainability

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