Personlighetstyp och vuxen anknytning som prediktion av copingstrategier

Translated title of the thesis: Personality and adult attachment as predictors of coping strategies
  • Marylin Clang

Student thesis: Bachelor


Individual differences in choosing coping strategies are an important part of stress management, thereby affecting the risk of health problems related to stress in the long run. The purpose of this study was the prediction of coping strategies from personality and adult attachment and the examination of correlations between coping and adult attachment. 174 adult participants (men = 40) in the ages between 19 and 83 answered a survey comprised of the Big Five Inventory (BFI), Experiences of Close Relationships (ECR) and Brief COPE. BFI measures personality according to the five-factor model. ECR measures attachment according to the two dimensions of avoidant and anxious attachment. Brief COPE measures coping according to 14 subscales which may be divided into problem-focused, emotion-focused, and dysfunctional (avoidance) coping. Results regarding correlations show that there is a negative correlation between avoidant attachment and agreeableness, extraversion, and conscientiousness. There was a positive correlation between avoidant attachment and neuroticism. No significant correlation between attachment and openness was found. Multiple regression analyses show that extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, and avoidant attachment predicted problem-focused coping. Neuroticism and extraversion predicted emotion-focused coping. Social support was predicted by extraversion and avoidant attachment. Neuroticism predicted self-blame. Dysfunctional coping was predicted by neuroticism and anxious attachment. Together, personality and attachment predicted problem-focused and dysfunctional coping, as well as social support. Attachment added unique variance compared to personality alone. However, even though significant, the unique variance contributed by attachment was relatively small. 

Date of Award2021-Jun-30
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorPeter Jönsson (Supervisor) & Leonard Ngaosuvan (Examiner)

Courses and Subjects

  • Psychology

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Psychology (501)


  • bfi
  • brief cope
  • coping
  • coping strategies
  • ecr
  • five factor model
  • personality
  • adult attachment

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