Prokrastinera mindre och må bättre?
En studie av korrelationer mellan prokrastinering, self-compassion och livstillfredsställelse

Translated title of the thesis: Procrastinate less and feel better? A study of correlations between procrastination, self-compassion and life satisfaction
  • Catharina Riedmüller

Student thesis: Bachelor


The present study has examined whether there is any correlation between procrastination, self-compassion and life satisfaction and also whether students procrastinate to a greater extent than those who work. The study was conducted with a survey that was shared on the internet and was mainly distributed in Facebook groups. There were 96 respondents who answered the questionnaire and of these 61 worked and 35 studied. Histograms showed that the substrate for procrastination and life satisfaction was not normally distributed. To test whether there is any significant difference between those working and those studying when it comes to procrastination, the non-parametric Mann Whitney U test has been used. The results showed that there is a significant difference and it is the students who, on average, procrastinate most. The difference in life satisfaction groups was also tested with Mann Whitney U and a significant difference was also found here. The results from the self-compassion scale were tested with an independent t-test, and no statistically significant result was found. Correlation studies were also conducted, which were tested with Spearman´s rho. The results showed that there were significant correlations between procrastination and self-compassion as well as self-compassion and life satisfaction, but the correlations were relatively weak. The conclusion was that the students procrastinated to a greater extent than those who worked, and there was a significant negative correlation between procrastination and self-compassion and a significant positive correlation between self-compassion and life satisfaction.

Date of Award2020-Jul-02
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorJimmy Jensen (Supervisor) & Anna Kemdal Pho (Examiner)

Courses and Subjects

  • Psychology

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Psychology (50101)


  • procrastination
  • self-compassion
  • life satisfaction
  • correlation
  • survey

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