Saltreduktion genom upplevd och associerad multisensorik
: konsumenters upplevelse av sälta i livsmedel genom ett hemtest samt en enkät

Translated title of the thesis: Salt reduction by perceived and associated multisensory: consumers' experience of saltiness in food through a home use test and a survey
  • Hanna Johannesson
  • Josefin Svensson

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    In Sweden we eat about 11 g of salt per day, which is twice as much as recommended. Since too high salt intake poses risks to health, food companies in a project funded by Vinnova, on behalf of the Government Offices, have joined forces to develop methods for salt reduction, including a so-called multisensory toolbox. The aim of the study was to investigate in a sensory home use test, whether the acceptance and perception of salt differed between a salt reduced tomato soup compared to a reference soup. A second aim was to investigate consumers' perception of saltiness in food products that are commonly found in Swedish food culture, through a survey. In the sensory home use test, it turned out that two of the salt reduced soups, one with chili and one with spice blend, were perceived as most salty even though the reference soup had a higher salinity. There was no significant difference in the liking between the soups, which meant that the salt reduced soups were liked as much as the reference soup. In the survey, the results showed that the foods that were most salty were table salt, soy sauce, herb salt and roasted and salted peanuts. Most foods that contain a low or no salinity at all, were still perceived as salty. The study showed that salt reduction of a tomato soup, by multisensory influence, was possible. In the future, aromas or toppings from foods that are associated with salt can be used in salt reduced products.

    Date of Award2021-Jun-29
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorKarin Wendin (Supervisor) & Hanna Sepp (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Food Science (40103)


    • salt
    • salt reduction
    • sensory
    • health
    • percieved saltiness
    • multisensory solutions

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