Samband mellan Utmattningssyndrom och Personlighet

  • Sonja Liljedahl

    Student thesis: Master, one year


    Burnout can be the result of work related stress which effects both employees and employers. The present study examines whether there is a relationship between burnout and personality. Participants (N = 101) replied to a web-based questionnaire including 77 questions about the participant, workload, feelings about work and general questions about the participant’s per-sonality. For personality, the results showed that neuroticism was a predictor of emotional ex-haustion. There was a negative correlation between depersonalization, extraversion and agree-ableness and a positive correlation between depersonalization and neuroticism. High levels of extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness positively correlated with personal accom-plishment and neuroticism correlated negatively with personal achievement. The control vari-ables were of great importance and the result showed that low demand, low control and low social support were predictors of emotional exhaustion. Low social support predicted deper-sonalization and women rated themselves as being more cynical than men. The application and significance of this study for future research regarding burnout were discussed.

    Date of Award2016-Jul-01
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorPeter Jönsson (Supervisor) & Jimmy Jensen (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Magisterprogram i psykologi

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Psychology (501)


    • burnout
    • personality
    • big five
    • workload
    • demand
    • control
    • support.

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